The First All Electric Coda Rolls Out

New Electric Car
New Electric Car

After its announcement last September of the introduction of its first all electric vehicle, Coda Automotive has recently rolled out its first car for the U.S. market from its manufacturing facility at the Amports factory in Benicia.

The first vehicle rolled out in the presence of numerous dignitaries. The first vehicles would be delivered to its Silicon Valley dealership and the first owner would be bringing home the unit by Friday at the latest.

The all-electric Coda is a five passenger vehicle with four doors and has been delayed several times, but now it is available only in California. The vehicle runs on a 31 kWh lithium ion iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery array with a range of eighty eight miles or 142 kilometers. The fuel economy of the Coda has been pegged at 105 miles per gallon.

The car was designed by Pinifarina and uses a Saibao chassis from Mitsubishi. The battery system utilizes an active thermal management system providing greater range than other vehicles in its class. It has a 6.6 kW on board charger that is able to recharge the battery faster than the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt, about six hours when plugged to a 220 volt charging station. The vehicle has an anti-locking brake system, electronic stability control and traction control system, six air bag system, pre-tensioner equipped seat belts, and child restraint system.

According to Coda’s Senior Vice President, Mr. Thomas Hausch, seven hundred cars have been ordered even without any advertising on the part of the carmaker. The unveiling is one of the very few events conducted by the company.

Coda of Silicon Valley is but one of the five dealerships that have been planned in the Bay Area. One of the latecomers to the party is Hausch Benicia, who also wants to become a dealership. As to the approval of the Benicia dealership, Hausch was non-committal but says it is a possibility.

He added, “We’ve identified five market areas in the Bay Area and one of them is definitely in the Benicia area but a final decision hasn’t been made yet.”

According to Mac Heller, Executive Chairman of Coda Holdings, “This car is zero emissions. I can’t talk about tailpipe emissions because this car doesn’t have a tailpipe.”

One of the dignitaries present during the roll out for the first Coda all-electric car was Ron Myska, a member of the Benicia Economic Development Board. The board distributes petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel fuel. He said that they were not worried as to how electric cars would affect their business. He said, “We come in with a little different perspective. It’s a different kind of sale. We can sell propylene glycols-environmentally friendly coolants – and gear oil for the electric cars.”