Electric Car Use Tips in Winter


Many would-be purchasers concern with electric cars would be their functionality during winter time. This has readily been addressed by many electric car owners and physics doesn’t help, as it shows that EVs in Southern California perform better than in the frigid Northeast and Canada.

While a greater part of the United States experiences snow weather during winter, the following are some tips that can help extend the range of your electric vehicle in your neck of the woods.

  1. Keep the electric car plugged in. One of the features of electric car would be providing heating or cooling of the battery pack to maintain their ideal temperature. With the battery pack being warmer during winter, this would provide more range available.
  2. Pre-conditioning the cabin before leaving. One of the newer features of electric vehicles is the use of grid power instead of batteries. This can be done through a smartphone app before even leaving the comfort oh home. This is also one reason to keep your EV plugged in.
  3. Choose Seat Heaters Instead of Cabin Heater. Cabin heaters utilize a lot of electrical power, so the next viable option is to have seat heater since the cabin would have been preheated before entering the vehicle. With the back warmed up and the cabin preheated when plugged in, driving the vehicle in cold temperatures would be a cool experience altogether.
  4. Have the EV in a Garage Indoors. If you have a garage attached to your house, it is best to store the EV indoors. Having them indoors would allow for a few degrees lower in ambient temperature compared to the chill when out in the open. Aside from the temperature, it would keep your EV safe from the biting cold.
  5. Tires Properly Inflated. Tire pressure is lower in colder climes and this results in greater friction for the tires designed for low roll resistance. It is best to check on tire pressure before leaving the house.
  6. Allow Leeway for Charging. Because some the car’s charge is used to keep the battery warm and crisp, it would be best to add on a few more minutes to recoup that lost charge before heading up the cold roads of winter. Adding an hour at best would do the trick.

Clearly, there is a bit of more chores to do when using an electric vehicle during wintertime. This would prove to be all worth the while with the mileage achieved with a bit more enthusiasm in using your electric vehicle.