Creative Marketing for Electric Vehicles


In the film Paranoia, Harrison Ford’s character gives the character of Liam Hemsworth a new range extended luxury sedan. This is one of the novel ways that the automaker is marketing its vehicles. It also helps that known celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio and Justin Bieber own one and top rated sitcom Two and a Half Men, specifically Ashton Kutcher’s character, drives around in one.

There is a well known business transaction in the car industry called the trade in. This involves giving the dealer the old car and the equity value which would then be used as down payment on a newer model vehicle. This route is being utilized by electric automaker Tesla Motors. The difference is, only those individuals that own the first model vehicle from the company would be able to trade in for a newer model Tesla. This involves selling the two-seater Tesla Roadster and a substantial discount would be received on the brand new Tesla Model S.

This is a novel approach, as these kinds of trade in deals provide a convenient way that a buyer can dispose of their old cars. The drawback would be the trade in value is much lower compared to sales prices of these vehicles. Once the old car is traded in, the vehicle is then sold at a used car auction for a sure profit.

Tesla has also modified this age old transaction. There is no dealer as Tesla facilitates the exchange. The valuation is very accurate because of the detailed service records and diagnostics undertaken on the vehicle. Furthermore, Tesla does not intend to dump the Roadsters to a used car lot but instead would offer the traded in Roadsters in its stores.

Since the Tesla Roadster numbers just 2,600 throughout the world, the value of the electric vehicle remains high. It is estimated that a four year old Tesla Roadster with just 31,000 miles would sell at about US$73,300.

With this on hand, former Tesla Roadster owners can end up purchasing the Model S at about US$100,000 plus plus, depending on the options included. The base price though is at US$57,400 and with the value of the 2010 Roadster at an all time high, Tesla may end up paying the car owner the difference.

Upgrades are available as an option for the Roadster, allowing Tesla owners many more options, such as the trade in, the upgrade or the outright purchase. Novel ways to extend the life of these iconic vehicles.