You CANNOT Drill for Electricity!

"You cannot drill for electricity."

Big oil companies are thrilled about the demand for electric products. The fact remains, you cannot drill for have to generate it, using fossil fuels.

But first, lets take a look at the power grid in the US

The energy grid in the US is primarily fueled by nuclear & hydro power plants. Layered above these are natural gas turbines which can be powered up or down "on demand" fairly easily to meet consumer demands which are highest in the PM and in the AM when people are home or getting ready to leave for work.

Solar and Wind power is worked into the grid but in low amounts as they are sporadic and unpredictable and they threaten to inject too much or too little electricity into the power grid. Keep in mind that there are no "batteries" storing electricity. When electricity is generated it is fed straight into the electrical grid.

As demand for electricity increases, so does the demand for fossil fuels. See sketch below:

US Electric Grid on Electric Forum

The reality is this: It is not entirely true that replacing gas vehicles with electric vehicles reduces our demand or dependency on fossil fuels. You cannot drill for electricity.

Electricity is a "secondary" energy source - which is powered, in large part, by fossil fuels.

Now, as battery technology improves and energy STORAGE technology is improved, then solar and wind energy could displace our need and dependency for fossil fuels. But that technology is a long way away. Tesla's Powerwall is a solid step in the right direction as it can harness solar energy, and deploy it on demand in our homes as we need it. But the ability to do this on a large scale is a long way away. 

Fossil fuels, at the moment, are too cheap and too plentiful to be replaced by any other technology.