Electric Bicycles (e-bikes), have integrated electrical motors which aid the rider in propulsion. The range in these units and motors is long and vast. Some bike merely aid in propulsion, while other down right do the work for you. E-bikes are gaining in popularity and they are taking market share away from traditional bicycles and also away from their older simbling, the scooter.  

Electric Bicycle charging pack and rack


e-Bikes are classed in accordance with their electric motors and the power these delivery. In particular, e-Bikes have control systems which govern how power from the motor is applied. There are a variety of models and to a certain extent, some dispute on how e-bikes are classified. The similarities between mopeds and e-bikes are becoming more and more and therefore legal classifications are sometimes be misleading. The easiest way to tell the difference is to focus on the whether the motor provides power "on-demand" or via "pedal-assist". 

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What is a Pedelec? 

An e-Bike that gets its power assist directly from the pedals is referred to as a Pedelec from "Pedal electric cycle". The assist is generally limited to top speeds and where the motor provides relative low power. These systems only engage when the rider is pedaling the bicycle and cuts off after a certain speed has been reached. These motors usually only produce power when the rider is struggling and do not produce a continious power supply.  

Electric Bike battery


Electric Bikes (e-Bikes) use rechargeable batteries. They also use some type of "control", which regulates the amount of power that is delivered in the assist. These batteries vary in their voltage and capacity. And while the relative cost of the charging these batteries is low, the cost to replace a battery is still significant. There are many variable which may impact battery life. Among these are bike weight, terrain, and the type of control that is associated with the transmission of power. We are sure the rider is a variable as well. 

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Schematic of e-Bike
Schematic of Pedelec