In our modern era, the EV1 by General Motors was the first electric vehicle which was mass produced. The only existed between 1996 and 1999. For whatever reason, these vehicles were pulled from the Road. Today, and thanks in part to Tesla, the electric car is back and this time it is hear to stay. 


electric car by lucid motors offers 400 mile range

Cost vs Benefit

With less moving parts than their gas guzzling cousins, electric cars are arguably cheaper to make and out perform their petro-counter parts. It is our view, that manufactures will have to compete on the grounds of battery performance and range, advances in technologies, and luxury. The days of charging more for turbo engines or more cylinders are in the past. Expect more by way of perks and luxury, and all this at a lower price, of course. 

VW Electric Car.jpg

The Battery is everything

There a few hurdles keeping the electric car from mass production. The least of which is driving range. Until 2016, the average distance an electric car could take you was 200 miles on a single charge. That all but assured vehicles would be limited to Urban areas. But now, Lucid Motors has unveiled the first 400 mile range vehicle. That means you can take a trip out to the country and back again on a single charge. The announcement marked a monumental step forward in the development of the electric car. 

Tesla under Cover.jpg

Thank you Tesla

Tesla is not to be credited for the invention of the electric car. Nor is it to be credited for mass producting electric vehicles. But it absolutely must be credited for leading way in disrupting the automotive industry, for good. Tesla not only lead the way in technlogy, but it released many key pattents in order to stimulate and invite competition. Tesla has lead the way in creating a market and changing how we view and what we expect out of our vehicles. Thank you to the Tesla for bring about a long awaited change and innovation.