We live in an exciting era. Never before has technology developed so quickly. Sci-Fi literally become reality in less than our life time. Screen are everywhere. Technology is getting smaller, wearable, and portable. Our vehicles are smarter, our gadgets are smarter, our homes are smarter. 


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Wire Cutters

First thing first, wires must go. There is no doubt we are seeing more and more wireless gadgets in our homes. We can lock, unlock, our doors and turn our lights on from anywhere in the world. Our homes are getting smarter and our gadgets are allowing us to stay connected with our homes. Still, a clear front runner has not yet emerged. But Google and Amazon are making their way into our homes through smart devices like TV's and speakers. 

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We are entering the era self-analytics. Wearable are part of our daily lives and have already started work their way into our well being. As electric gadgets get smaller they become more portable and wearable. Products like the smart watch, Fitbit, and others are quickly becoming part of our daily attire. Wearables are helping us keep a healthy mindset and outlook on our bodies. 

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Segway & Scooter

We're seen rapid growth in the Low Speed Vehicle (SLV) category. Vehicles range from Sageways & electric scateboards to scooters and the carts. Admittedly the Sageway game and went and its a bit of an old technology. However, it paved the way for self-balancing vehicles. These two wheelers are fun and have started to pop up in a variety of makes and models. These devices use gyroscopic sensors that enable balancing on two wheels. It is suprising how much fun you can have going less than 12 miles per hour.