The Bay Islands are comprised of three large islands and a few Cays. The largest island, Roatan, has a new golf course with spectacular views of the ocean and one can even get around in an electric vehicle. Now, if we are on any other Caribbean island, I wouldn't be so shocked. But in Roatan, the cost of electricity is so high that it begs the question, who made the decision to bring in a fleet of electric vehicles into the island?

Electricity in Roatan is four times the cost of electricity in the US. The island of Roatan is too small to support a large infrastructure investment in its power grid. Local power is produced via diesel turbines. Importing diesel into the island is expensive and that drives up the cost for businesses and ultimately visiting tourist. 

The electric car in Roatan is a luxury items. It will go a long way in catering to the afluent tourist. But don't expect a wide spread of electric cards throughout the island anytime soon. 



We recently visited the island or Roatan, in Honduras. We enjoyed our stay spend most of our time diving. However, we did manage to play a little golf, and the folks over at Roatan Online Community were able to connect us with a few electric golf carts. When we told them about our forum, they agreed (they offered) to a free rental of the golf carts. 

We appreciated the gesture and all the hospitality. Thank you to their community for pointing us in the right direction and for taking a moment to enhance our visit to Roatan with kind gestures. If we are ever back in Roatan, we will be sure to contact our friends at Roatan Online

Thank you again, 

The Electric Forum